Jennifer Schmidt was born in Torrence, CA in 1973. She has lived all her life all over Southern California, where she had been surrounded by the diverse scenery, cultures, people and sub-cultures throughout the year in the Southern California area. At a young age her love of animals inspired her to create sculpt and soft sculptures of various critters that fascinated her.
In the early 90’s she began a career in graphic design and marketing which had been successful during that period of time. She flourished with creating logos all the way to textile design for various markets, but soon became unfulfilled creatively and needed more creativity in her life and was unable to create everything that buzzed in her head. And after a traumatic loss of her husband she decided to do what she had always dreamed of doing, pursue a degree in Fine Art, a life long dream she had always wanted.
Jennifer graduated Laguna College of art and Design, for a Bachelors Degree in Fine art with a minor in Illustration. It has been a rough road to mange her studies and be a single mother financially and emotionally. But the drive and inspiration and support she receives from friends and the school keeps her going. The outcome and benefits far exceed the struggles and the need to learn and work the the different mediums have been so rewarding. She has been learning to create the art she has always envisioned doing through the mediums taught, oil painting and charcoal drawings have been the medium use has chosen to express her creativity.

I use several medians to paint things that may seem ordinary.
I will take a simple object that is a part of my life and tweak it or paint it in a way to try and show the beauty and meaning of how I see it.

Beauty is just a perspective;
What may seem mundane, dead, dark, common or repulsive are truly inspiring.
I have taken many photos over the years and had plenty to choose from. Many feature bugs, shoes, bones and several images of things that were no longer alive. After many studies of these various items I found them fun and inspiring to paint. I played with colors and temperatures like the old Masters. I been researching and looking for still-life, to grow techniques in painting them.

The shoe portraits ... these were highly meaningful as they represented special times and people in my life. The shoes are personalities, and the person who wears them, says so much about them.

I have been featured in a couple of galleries such as the
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University Student Juried Exhibition 2019.
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